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Thaw Master™

Thaw Master™


Thaw Master™

Thaw Master™

Thaw Master™

"No more panicking when I forget to take something out of the freezer in the morning" - Renee V., USA



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Defrost food in minutes safely

"Perfect for those busy days when you forgot to defrost food on time before meal prep!"

  • Stop using a microwave or hot water to defrost your food

Thawing food fast has never been so easy. Stop spoiling your food by using a microwave and hot water that end up cooking your meat and foster the development of bacteria.

  • Time-Saving Convenience

Reclaim precious moments for your busy day with thawing trays. Last-minute gourmet simplicity, dinner dilemmas transformed.

  • Stress-Free Meal Prep

No more juggling the demands of work, family, and dinner. With a thawing tray, you can effortlessly transform frozen ingredients into a delicious meal.

  • Food Safety Assurance

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Thawing trays provide the assurance of food safety. Thawing naturally and efficiently, they help protect your family's health by minimizing the risk of bacterial growth.

  • Reduced Food Waste

Embrace eco-friendly cooking while saving money. Thaw only what you need with thawing trays, reducing food waste and making a positive impact on the environment.

Quick & Easy

"With my trusty defrosting tray, I can rescue dinner plans even when I've got nothing thawed. It's my secret weapon for making those last-minute meals happen."

Rosie R.

Kitchen Saver

"The defrosting tray is my go-to solution for those last-minute, 'what's for dinner?' dilemmas. It's like a time machine for my frozen food – natural, fast, and hassle-free!"

Patricia G.

Time Saver Trick

"I used to dread those 'oops, I forgot to defrost' moments, but thanks to my defrosting tray, I can turn a kitchen crisis into a culinary success in no time. It's my kitchen time-saver."

Cindy J.

Quick, Easy & Efficient

Thaw Master reinvented the defrosting experience to be fast, healthy and tasty!

1. Place your frozen item on the tray.

2. Wait 12 to 25 min (time varies based on lb average) for the magic to operate.

3. Prep your meal with a perfectly raw meat or fish.

What is the Thaw Master?

The Thaw Master is a unique defrosting tray that uses a special heat-conducting material to thaw frozen food quickly and evenly. It's completely safe and easy to use, and it doesn't require any electricity or chemicals.

Made from a special aluminum alloy with a thermal conductivity of 20,000 times that of ordinary metals, our defrosting tray achieves a high-speed heat exchange, resulting in the fastest natural thawing. 


Defrost meat almost 6 times quicker than a ceramic ware.

How does Thaw Master works?

The Thaw Master works by transferring heat from the air to the frozen food. The tray's special heat-conducting material absorbs heat from the air and then transfers it to the food. This process is much faster than traditional defrosting methods, such as thawing food in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

How to use the Thaw Master?

To use the Thaw Master, simply place your frozen food on the tray and let it sit. The food will begin to thaw immediately, and you'll be able to cook it in minutes. There's no need to flip the food or add any water.

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